is an architecture office that manages its work
through the intersection between practice,
registration, research and academia.

the website is a brief catalogue of projects
that serve as an introduction to the practice
of the studio, founded in 2017 and directed
by Germán Ezequiel Lentini. > BIO

Viamonte 759 Oficina 41, Microcentro
Buenos Aires (C1053ABO) Argentina




moreno 2681 (once) N 183
mixed use building in buenos aires, completed 
design and project management, buenos aires, 2020-2023

project team: Germán Lentini, Manuel Heck, Franco Caruso, Tomás Ochandorena & Violeta Sangrá
photos: Javier Agustin Rojas

Published in Divisare HERE
Published in PLOT HERE
Published in Everyday Object HERE


virasoro N 241
collective housing and studios building, under construction
 buenos aires, 2024-

 3D images: SFTW


resources for a future: for this situation N 242
proposal for the tallin architecture biennale, estonia. 2024

viamonte N 221
architectural office, completed
buenos aires, 2023

team: Germán Lentini, Manuel Heck & Violeta Sangrá

rosa iceberg N 231
educational pavilion in portal bosque, completed
 punta del este, 2023

team: Germán Lentini, Manuel Heck
in collaboration with Maria Katzagiannaki and Folia Studio

photography: Javier Agustin Rojas

what’s next? N 225
proposal for the III tbilisi architecture bienniale, georgia. 2022
in collaboration with Sabine Kastner

ichiban N 211
house 2, design 
parque las naciones, buenos aires 

N 205
competition for the design and construction of the Sanxenxo
supply market, multipurpose center and public parking
Sanxenxo, Spain, 2020
in collaboration with with Gramática Arquitectónica

aperitivo a las 7pm N 204
house with a deposit, under construction
design and project management, san vicente, 2020

all together: a new society N 197
research within the framework of the non-doméstico seminar at FADU, UBA
   DAAD Gropius Chair and organized by Flora Estudio, 2019-2

fundamentos N 201
series of conversations about contemporary architecture
in collaboration with the Facultad de Arquitectura of the
Universidad de Palermo, 2020

All presentations HERE


1. Flora Estudio
2. CCPM Arquitectos
3. Segundo Denegri
4. Atelier Fanelsa
5. García Resta & Jens Wolter
6. Sabine Kastner
7. Gramática Arquitectónica
8. Clube BR
9. Supraorder
10. German de la Torre
11. OMMX


the university is on air N 199
international competition. education of the future building
innovation park, buenos aires, 2019

project team:
Germán Lentini, Angie Casares and León (landscape), Alejandra Yamasato (landscape)
Tomás Ochandorena, Juan Pinto, Gonzalo Adba, Pablo Rubio

monocasco N 172
extension of a market in front of a velodrome park
project, glew, buenos aires, 2017

project team:
Germán Lentini, Maria Katzagiannaki
Franco Caruso, Tomás Ochandorena

  hacer con la ciudad N 193
research within the framework of the workshop
Los Bajos de los Edificios Altos. Buenos Aires, Construccion en Altura y Ciudad
directed by Marcelo Faiden and organized by Javier Agustin Rojas, 2019-1

Germán Lentini, Manuel Landivar, Franco Stigna


photos credit: Javier Agustin Rojas

de maría y josé N 174
single dwelling
design and project management
glew, buenos aires, 2017


monstera deliciosa #196
survey and graphic registration of Aguero 1369 facade
rental house building (1920) designed by Virginio Colombo
recoleta, buenos aires, 2019




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